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Work with Nicole

If your relationship with food can best be described as “complicated,” and you’d love to be able to feel good about food and eating…

If you’d like to be in relationship with food from a whole new perspective, one that is delicious, fun, joyful, and nourishing to body, mind and soul…

If you’d like to embrace your inner foodie and share with your family and friends the wonderful, culturally expanding and relationship enhancing world of food…

Welcome! You’re in the right place.

Food is an enormously complex subject, and one that is burdened with a heavy serving of misinformation, cultural and gender stigmas, and deeply rooted negative beliefs about ourselves and our bodies. 

The end result: an epidemic of dysfunctional and disordered eating and the tragic loss of the joy that food can bring into our lives. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can begin shifting your relationship with food today as Chef Nicole, drawing from her expertise as a trained chef, integrative health coach, and passionate foodie, guides you in a journey of discovering how to tap into your innate food-wisdom for health, vitality and more joy-filled living.

Is Working with Nicole Right for You?

Working with Chef Nicole always begins with a free consultation to explore if working together feels aligned. Once the decision to move forward is made, you’ll receive a customized program, consisting of 15, 1-on-1 sessions over 20 weeks, in which Chef Nicole will coach and guide you through a customized just for you version of her proprietary process for renewing and revitalizing your relationship with food and eating. 

Private, customized coaching will help you: 

  • Clean up misinformation and food fallacies
  • Identify and clear false beliefs and negative programming
  • Break free from the punishment/reward cycle
  • Tap into your innate wisdom so you can know what you really want
  • Discover which foods truly nourish you and enhance your vitality
  • Open your creativity and sense of play
  • Come more fully into your power 

Step Off the Struggle Bus.
Begin With a Free Consultation

Graduates from the Private Coaching Program are eligible to join one of Nicole’s small group cooking classes in which you will have an opportunity to apply your new awarenesses and empowered approach to food and eating right in your own kitchen!

In these small group cooking classes, you will: 

  • Garner new skills and garner priceless time saving tips. 
  • Learn the foundations of cooking from which anything is possible. 
  • Have fun experimenting with making meals that are delicious and authentically your own.

Feel Good About Food & Eating Again.
Begin With a Free Consultation