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I’m Nicole Monier, founder of The Mystical Kitchen, and I imagine you’re here because you’re frustrated about food – what to eat, how to plan and shop, and how to prepare meals for yourself and your family that taste good and don’t require hours in the kitchen! 

You may also be frustrated about how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.  Maybe your energy level isn’t what it needs to be to meet the demands of your day, you’ve gained weight, or you’re feeling foggy headed, scattered or anxious. 

Wouldn’t it be great to feel good about food and eating again – and to feel good in your body? I know there are contradictory messages from the “experts” and lots of hype around the latest “magic” diet. It’s hard to know what will work for you. Believe me, I know.

On top of that, we’re all experiencing upheaval in our lives and with it our options for food. Maybe you’ve never felt confident in the kitchen and now you find yourself having to prepare most meals from home. It is stressful. I understand. 

I’m a busy professional and parent juggling the demands of the day with meal planning and prep just as you are. I’m also a professionally trained chef, a health coach, a food intuitive and unabashed food lover!
I believe that food is one of life’s greatest gifts! Eating well brings us pleasure, creates connection and is the source of our vitality. It’s also our most intimate relationship. What we eat literally becomes what and who we are. 

I’ve created a 3-step process to help you clear the clutter of misinformation and negative food programming so you can reconnect to your innate food wisdom, become more confident in the kitchen and rediscover the joy of food again! 

Here are the three steps. 

Step 1: Explore your beliefs about food and your body while clearing out misinformation and negative food programming. The shedding of that which no longer serves you paves the way to your innate food wisdom. 

Step 2: Integrate your now activated food-intuition with ancient and evidence-based nutritional truths that will never go out of style. 

Step 3: Explore and celebrate what’s possible in your mystical kitchen and in your life! 

I invite you to schedule a free exploratory session now so you can break free from food-confusion, activate your intuitive wisdom and feel good about food again!

Stop struggling with food!​

Let Chef Nicole show you how you can be confident in the planning and preparing of simple, delicious meals that nourish you, body and soul!

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