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Pear, Triangle, Apple, Hourglass… kiss my @$.

Pardon the Jersey Girl in me, but women are more than snacks and geometric math symbols…

And our nutritional needs are determined by more than our size and shape.

Whenever you see a woman and you feel the urge to compare yourself to her, I want you to repeat after me…

“She is NOT me.”

Remember, comparison is the thief of Joy… so, don’t do it.

And the next chart you see that wants you to identify yourself as a two-dimensional object…

Repeat after me: “I am more than my size and my shape.”

Seriously, YOU are MORE than your size and your shape!

It is wayyyy past time for us to step outside the box and think of ourselves as the beautiful, multidimensional creatures we are!

Even if we look alike, even if we are shaped alike, we are NOT the same!

Our bodies have needs that have absolutely nothing to do with our outside!

It’s our inside that counts… literally.

So ladies, if you hear nothing else today, listen and hear this:

You are MORE than your size and your shape… SO MUCH MORE!

Stop struggling with food!​

Let Chef Nicole show you how you can be confident in the planning and preparing of simple, delicious meals that nourish you, body and soul!

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