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Frequently, I am asked if eating in a specific way such as becoming vegan, going Paleo or Keto, etc., is the best way to be healthy, and my answer is consistent: “It depends.” 

I realize that most of us want simple solutions for our complex lives, and wouldn’t it just be great if there was a “perfect diet” – one that would keep anyone and everyone optimally healthy. But, the reality is that there is no one size fits all solution. And as much as some days it can feel like we’d really love it what to eat was a total no-brainer, it would also be unbelievably boring! 

There are so many factors that go into what makes up the best way of eating for YOU including your unique biology and physiology, where you live and seasonal variations, your feelings about a food or food group, and how a food or food group makes you feel (yes, those are different), to name just a few factors.

We are all unique individuals and these various factors come into play in a multitude of ways to what amounts to a unique ideal diet for you.

I appreciate when someone wants to enthusiastically share what they are eating and how they have never felt better because of it. It truly makes my heart happy that they have discovered what works for them. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the right way for everyone. I believe that the way you choose to eat can profoundly affect your health, in fact it’s a cornerstone to holistic, whole body health, so discovering what works for you, uniquely, is a very high value endeavor.

Other factors are how we move our bodies, the quality of our relationships, how we sleep and how we deal with stress. This may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can absolutely achieve this when you have a process for discovering what works for you which is where I come in handy. If you are interested in feeling good about food and your body again (or perhaps for the first time in your life), I welcome you to schedule a chat to see how I can help.

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